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UK Firms Avoid Paying the Minimum Wage

08/01/15: Some firms have developed scams to avoid paying the national minimum wage, including under-recording hours, bogus self-employment, charging for uniforms and clocking workers off when there are no customers, according to a new report by the Trades Union Congress. Apprentices are particularly likely to be underpaid, with a recent government survey suggesting that 120,000 are paid less than the relevant minimum wage rate.The TUC wants tougher penalties for employers who repeatedly flout the law. 

Pensioners get access to pension money

Budget 2014:  From 2015, people reaching retirement age will be able to spend their pension savings however they want, rather than having to use it to buy a guaranteed income. Find here the current Pension rulings.

Bricklayer Paid £1,000 a week

09/12/14: Building firms are having to hire bricklayers from Portugal, paying them £1,000 a week, because of a shortage of workers from the UK, has been revealed by a study of Manpower. Usually firms pay £500 a week for bricklayers, according Manpower and our own Salary Check.

05/12/14: White males have the best paid jobs in universities, according to a study by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU). The data says that 78.3% of professors are men, while only 4% of black academic staff are professors. Women are more likely to work part time as support staff, while men are three times more likely to be in a senior level role than women.

Record High Salaries for Graduates

12/01/15: Graduate starting salaries will rise to an average of £30,000 for the first time in more than a decade. Aldi is offering university leavers the highest published starting salary of £42,000 a year for trainee managers, according to a survey by High Fliers Research, followed by the European Commission with roles paying £41,500. 

Worst Job: Dog Food Taster

05/01/2015: The Guardian reports that one of the worst jobs in the world is being a dog food taster - Yuck! Trying dog food, it really exist! Find out what it pays with our salary check, search for 'food taster'.

03/12/14: Employers who owe their workers thousands of pounds for failing to pay them the National Minimum Wage have been 'named and shamed' by the government. The firms are also fined for their failure to pay the right wages.

The survey by team showed that domestic workers and cleaners in the UK earn almost 32 per cent more than in Germany. The UK ranks second in the list of highest wages.Check our Global Wage Comparison and find out how much domestics workers and cleaners earn over the world.

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New Living Wage Rates 2015

The 2015 UK Living Wage rate has been set at £7.85 per hour, an increase of 20p per hour on the 2013 rate and £1.35 more than the national minimum wage of £6.50 per hour. The London Living Wage has been set at £9.15, an increase of 35p per hour compared to the 2013 rate and £2.65 higher than the national minimum wage. See the World Map of Living Wages and the list of Living Wage Employers.

Zero, hours Contractors Earn Less than Permanent Employees

16/12/14: Britain is allowing a two-tier workforce to emerge where staff on zero-hours contracts have much lower pay and fewer rights than permanent employees, the TUC has warned. Workers on zero-hours contracts earn £300 a week less than permanent employees, according to the TUC. Are you paid enough? Check your pay.

20/03/14 - Less than one in seven of the 900,000 people working in Britain’s top ten best-paid jobs has a short working week, according to research by the Trades Union Congress (TUC). Overall for the top 10 highest-paying jobs, just 13.7pc of employees work part-time. At the other end of the scale, the ratio is heading towards a reversal with 70.4pc of the 2.6m people in the 10 worst-paid jobs working shorter weeks.