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Role & Pay

On this page you can find about 1500 occupations. Type the first three letters of your occupation in the search box and click on 'Search'. You can also click on the job categories below to find your occupation.


Agriculture, nature, animals, environment

Care, children, welfare, social work

Cars, mechanics, technicians, engineers

Cleaning, housekeeping, garbage, waste

Clerks, secretaries, post, telephone

Commercial, shop, buy and sale

Construction, fittings, housing

Education, research, training

Finance, banking, insurance

Food manufacturing

Guards, army, police

HRM, labour intermediary, organisation

Health care, paramedics, laboratory

Hospitality, tourism, leisure, sports

IT, automation, telecommunication

Industrial production, manufacture, metal

Language, library, archive, museum

Legal, administration, inspection, policy adviser


Marketing, PR, advertising

Media, graphic, printing, culture, design

Oil, gas, mining, utilities

Transport, logistics, port, airport