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Barack and Michelle Obama - He: President US/ She: former Vice Pres. Comm. & Ext. Affairs Un. of Chicago Hospitals - Born: He 1961, she 1964 - Married - Children: 2
  • Annual: GBP 319.313,00
  • Monthly: GBP 26.609,00
  • Weekly: GBP 6.386,00
  • Daily: GBP 1.277,00
  • White House/Forbes April 2014: According to the 2013 tax return President Obama earned a salary as President of $394,796 and he earned $104,809. His adjusted gross income on his tax return was $481,098.
    WSJ April 15 2013: President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama paid $112,214 in federal income taxes for 2012 on adjusted gross income of $608,611, an effective rate of 18.4%, the White House said.
    The Obama family, in tax returns released April 13 2012 by the White House, reported an adjusted gross income of $789,674 for 2011, down from $1,728,096 in the previous year. The family income topped $5.5 million in 2009. The president earns a salary of $400,000 for his day job. His total earnings are much higher because of his books sales.
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    Update: 2014-4